Vance & Hines Longshot Baffle Mod for Road Star

Written by Loren Cole (NiteStar)   
Wednesday, 30 November 2005

modified baffle on Road Star

I had Longshots and a Kuryakyn Twin velocity air cleaner installed on my brand new '02 Midnight Star at the 600 mile service (July '02). The pipes are a LOT louder than I expected. My riding buddy says they sound really good, but are almost obnoxious when I pass him or ride just ahead of him. What I did was to fabricate some very simple baffles and they quieted the bike down a bit. I took a flat, brass door strike (the one that a door's dead-bolt goes into) and bent it into an "L" shape. Make sure you use a solid brass one and not the cheap, stamped sheet metal type. After you have the brass bent into an "L", place the screw hole on one side of the "L" onto the screw that secures the stock V&H baffle (still installed). Put a dab of "Form-A-Gasket" on the screw threads and secure with a nut & lockwasher. Repeat for 2nd pipe.

Believe it or not, this really works. The bike is still very loud, especially when you "get it on", but it's a bit quieter at idle & cruising. It works by disturbing the outflow of the exhaust. As an added bonus this provides some extra back-pressure, for increased torque. This will work well for those who like a louder sound,and run without baffles as well. Here again, this will restore some critical back-pressure for improved torque in the low to mid range.

Exhaust gas analyzation at Yamaha says carb adjustment is still right on. The bike runs great & sounds "most excellent". I removed them a while back, to see if the sound improvement was just my imagination. Nope...definitely quieter with them on, so reinstalled them right away. Again, it's not a huge difference with or without these things.

For illustration, suppose 100 decibels is the legal max. I'd guess the Longshots with their stock baffles might be 105 decibels. Adding my baffles makes it 99 decibels....I still take it real easy when going by a cop. In the sketch, top drawing is the doorstrike - you probably have one laying around the house - or available at a hardware store. Middle drawing is the strike bent into the shape you want. Bottom drawing is one of the exhaust pipes, viewed from the rear, with the new baffle bolted into position.




Top View
baffle top view




Loren's Bike

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  Comments (10)
Exellnt mod
Written by Foosi, on 07-28-2013 05:53
i just put in something similar, just a bit bigger, in my longshots, and never would have guessed how much it actually quietet down, and still have a great sounding pipes, just very much quieter at idle specially, wich is good.  
thanks for the tip.
I just tried this .
Written by dave377, on 07-16-2013 16:02
I installed these and they do seam to make a difference in the sound. I am not sure if they are that much Quieter or not [Maybe a little} but I do think they change the sound for the better. I went for a couple mile test ride and it sounded good and ran great. Now I have to go out for a longer ride and some hwy riding to see how they do. I hope my fuel mileage do suffer any. LOL
thnx for the tip
Written by Foosi, on 06-02-2013 23:22
I just inserted a similar stuff in my longshots... have a scheduled testing today so Ill find out if I cleared the decibel test :zzz  
but I measured it yesterday Before putting anything in and then it showed about 90db. so I should be OK. First i got 102db, but then i tested again a few times and got average 90db. 
the Limits for my year model of Wildstar is 103 here in sweden. 
And I would like to take the edge of the sound anyways, I really like the deep grunt of Longshots but just a tiny lower...  
have a great day out there and ride safe
Written by jabarrett07, on 08-28-2012 21:16
i just started installin my longshots on 99 r*, they give u 4 flat washers, idk where they go anyone know?
Written by pugwash55, on 11-15-2011 01:33
Made my own baffles for V&H Longshots HS And reduced the noise down to 92 db. Still has deep rumble but the harshness has gone . Used 4 reducers 2" o/d - 1"1/2 i/d, 2 x 5" long x1 1/2' o/d exh tube, 2 x 10" x 1 1/2' o/d exh tube and 4x 1 1/2" saucer type engine frost plugs. Total cost of materials $24
V&H made quiet with mod
Written by Andy_1602, on 09-11-2011 00:00
I put quiet baffles in my longshots but after batwing fairing and ultra kit I was getting more noise than I liked so I modified the baffles by adding a 6" 1- 1/2 pipe with a 3/4 washer cut in half. Welded on both end opposite each other. Tac welded to the front of V&H Quiet baffles. Now I can hear to radio a interstate speeds. 
Written by emma12, on 11-23-2010 08:09
Tried this on cobra longs, was easy to do. :)
Written by emma12, on 09-26-2010 11:08
tried this. so far ir works great. thanks :)
Written by DarekC, on 11-19-2007 18:18
I just installed my longshots, and used this idea to add some backpressure, I picked up 1/8" steel pc (1 1/4" wide) at Home Depot, and made a L shape with each end about  
1 1/4" square, painted it with the BBQ paint and installed it onto the same bolt hole that you use for the baffle (had to use longer bolt), install the slash tips and done. 
So far (i did some test run in the back lane) no backfire on decel, and low end power is still there, the pipes are still nice and loud. 
Written by darren, on 04-03-2007 03:44
:grin I just got my v & h today from usa < i live in australia> and before i received them i was quite concerned about the noise level which has had so much talk about them on this site all i can say is that i love them the sound is just right, if you don't like the noise then stik to original system. Regards Darren :)

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